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BRAVO 2024

6/23/24 @ 5PM


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Express Yourself

What a memorable season this has been so far. In the theme of “Express Yourself” we are teaching the dancers to use dance as a form of expression for emotions and to tell a story with their movement. We have been using an Emotion Wheel in each dance space, to explore emotions with our dancers and teach them how they can use dance/movement/music to express feelings. Our Bravo Recital in June 2024 will have segments of dance routines with different emotions expressed throughout the evening. Each class has an emotion they will be expressing through their dance routine.


  • COSTUMES: Costume Pick-Up Days are as follows: Saturday May 4th @ 10am - 1pm & Thursday May 9th 3:30-6:00pm- INSIDE STUDIO THREE @ DANCE DIMENSIONS STUIDO see attached costume sheet to see if your dancer's costume is ready: CLICK HERE FOR COSTUME SHEET

  • BRAVO PHOTOS:  May 14th - 16th  CLICK HERE FOR SCHEDULE. CLICK HERE FOR CLASS DETAILS/REQUIRED COSTUME FOR EACH CLASS. All emails with required attire have been sent out to all BRAVO families, if you have any questions, please email office here: NO classes - May 13 - 17th due to photo week. 

  • CUSTOM BRAVO T-SHIRTS on sale in the Online Store: CLICK HERE TO ORDER CUSTOM T- SHIRT - All T-shirt orders due by May 27. The T-shirts will be handed out starting June 17th at the studio- the week of the show.

  • PROGRAM DANCER ADS on sale through the online store on Dance Dimensions website- CLICK HERE TO ORDER AD. We will have photos done May 14-16 and also design the Ad for you. You just provide the heartfelt messages. DUE BY 5/23/2024

  • FLOWERS FOR DANCERS will be available for pre-order with our vendor online. The flowers will be onsite at THE SHOW for you to pick up before recital or during intermission. Take the rushing around out of an already busy day and let the flower vendor handle it. The online Flower Vendor is set up now and ready for orders- CLICK HERE TO ORDER

  • TICKETS FOR EVENT: Tickets are on sale thru the Agua Caliente box office. ORDER TICKETS HERE

  • Bravo rehearsal days- June 6 & 7 All Studio-ALL DANCERS REQUIRED TO ATTEND rehearsal time: 4 - 7 pm ON BOTH DAYS

  • June 23 - Bravo 2024 Recital @ Agua Caliente. Dancer Dress Rehearsal call times 9am-1pm Dancer break from 1 -4pm show call time 4pm  The show starts at 5pm.

Make - Up Samples
For Photos & Recitals

Make-up for minis_edited.jpg
Make-up for Juniors_edited.jpg
Recital makeup - SR level_edited.jpg

Hair Videos for
Photos & Recitals


Express Yourself

Part of your dancer's costume includes Hair & Makeup.

Please see photos and videos to the left for samples of make-up for the recital depending on age/level.



Part of your dancer's costume includes their hairstyle. All dancers in a group routine must have the same hair as instructed on the Photo Day instructions.

Please see videos to the left for samples of Hairstyles for the recital depending on instruction for the class on the Photo Day page sent to you for each class.

Each class has specific costume/accessories/tights/shoes and hair requirements for the photo Day & recital. Each dancer's family has been sent the class instructions to prepare for photos/recital. We have attached all class requirements for your review below. All class descriptions are in order of class schedule, Monday - Friday.

Click here for Photo Day Checklists

We recommend printing each of your dancer's class requirements so you can use it with the following: parent checklist to make sure all items are ready to go for photos and recital.

If you have questions, please email us. Click here to email 

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