Dance Class


To the Parents and Dancers of Dance Dimensions, 


I am so excited to be continuing on Kathleen’s legacy at Dance Dimensions. This has been my home for the last 15 years and I cannot wait to bring in a new era of dance, fun and ushering compassionate people into adulthood. Kathleen has done such a wonderful job of not only creating beautifully trained dancers but of helping those dancers to be good human beings. My hope and my goal is that I can continue that journey. 

My own journey of dance began at age 3 at a YMCA in the desert. From there I went to Center Stage Dance in Indio and my love of dance grew. I had dreams of teaching dance and eventually owning my own dance studio. 

In 2007, I started dancing with Kathleen at Dance Dimensions and I’ve been with her ever since.


In 2013, I started teaching classes and fell in love with it. My teaching philosophy has always been to teach solid foundations of dance, along with teaching the dancers how to be hardworking and compassionate individuals. 


In 2018, I got the pleasure of becoming the director of Dance Dimensions Performance Team, where I learned how to coach a team on my own. In 2020, I was promoted to Assistant Director of Dance dimensions, and it was the greatest pleasure of my life to work under the caring leadership of Kathleen. I am very excited and determined to continue to create something beautiful through dance in the desert as the new Owner and Director of Dance Dimensions.