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Company is designed for dancers who are looking to get more out of their training at Dance Dimensions. Its goal is to intensely train dancers to compete at a local, regional, and national level through instruction in multiple disciplines. Company will focus on technique, style, execution, and peer camaraderie. Company dancers will be challenged to their highest potential through curriculum and choreography tailored to their specific level and strength, setting a standard of excellence at Dance Dimensions.

Company is a traveling team that competes at competitions in Southern California. There are two levels within company; the Select and the Elite. The Select level starts at 3rd grade and goes through 6th grade. The Elite level starts at 7th grade and goes through 12th grade. 

We are currently gearing up for Season 4.

Dance Dimensions Company was formerly known as Dance Dimensions Performance Team. 

An audition is required to join company.

Click here for audition information. 


If you are interested in seeing us perform,

click here for upcoming  competition information. 

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