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Welcome to Dance Dimensions, where dreams come alive through the art of dance! We are a fun, creative, and inspiring dance studio that aims to ignite a passion for dance in children of all ages.


At Dance Dimensions, we believe in creating a nurturing environment that encourages our students to dream big and express themselves through the power of movement. Our team of dedicated and talented instructors is committed to helping each child discover their own unique style and potential.


Through our carefully designed curriculum, we not only aim to teach dance techniques but also instill important values such as confidence, dedication, perseverance, and hard work. We understand that dance is not just about learning the steps, but also about personal growth and self-expression.


Whether your child is a beginner taking their first steps in the world of dance or an experienced dancer looking to refine their skills, Dance Dimensions has a variety of classes to cater to all levels and interests. From ballet and jazz to hip hop and contemporary, our diverse range of classes allows each student to explore different styles and find their own artistic voice.


In addition to our regular classes, we also offer exciting performance opportunities, workshops with renowned guest choreographers, and annual showcases that allow our students to shine on stage and share their passion with friends and family.


We believe that dance has the power to unlock endless possibilities and create lifelong memories. Join us at Dance Dimensions, and let us inspire your child to reach new heights, overcome challenges, and discover the joy of dance.


Come and be a part of our Dance Dimensions family, where every dancer is valued, supported, and celebrated!

AGES 2 - 5
(potty trained) 

AGES 6-11

AGES 12-18

Dance Dimensions Company Dancers
Disco Balls

About Us

Dance Dimensions was founded in 2004. Throughout the years, Dance Dimensions collected many accolades including the Dance Talent Achievement Award through the McCallum Theatre's Open Call and multiple submissions to the Palm Desert Choreography Festival. We have had thousands of dancers coming through the studio doors thru the years to further their dance education. We offer various classes: Ballet Lessons, Jazz classes, Acro/Tumbling, Hip-Hop Dance classes, Tap Dance classes, Modern Dance, Musical Theatre, Theatre Jazz, Adult Ballet, and Couples Ballroom Dancing. We hold the dance studio and all dancers to a high standard of love and compassion for one another and those within their community.  We are committed to our communities teaching dance to dancers throughout the Coachella Valley: Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells, Thousand Palms, Bermuda Dunes, Indio, La Quinta, Coachella & surrounding areas.

Sydney Jones has taken over Dance Dimensions as the owner and director since 2022. With over 5,000 sq ft of studio space, 4 separate studio rooms, Sydney and her staff continue to train dancers to their fullest potential not only in dance, but in all areas of their lives. Our mission is to create well-rounded human beings who seek to create a better community through movement and compassion. 

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