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Dance with Me Class

toddlers dance

In this FUN class designed for children ages six months to three years old, we introduce children to rhythm, musicality and movement. We engage with the children using creative techniques. A unique feature is the involvement of a parent or guardian in the studio with the child. This joint participation fosters not only the child's exploration of dance but also enhances the bond between the child and adult. The "Dance with Me" class goes beyond dance skills. It helps children with coordination, rhythm, teamwork, exposure to a dance studio/group setting and the ability to follow directions. 

Schedule:  Tuesday @ 9:00 - 10:00 AM

Ages:           6 Months - 3 yrs old

Attire:           Child and Adult:  wear something comfortable to move and play in. Optional Dance wear:

Some children really enjoy getting dressed in their ballet or dance attire, click the link to order dance attire.

Dance with Me Class

  • Parent & Me -registered member monthly tuition $110 per month - click below to register

  •  Parent & Me Punch Card with 4 classes $150 - pay for punch card at studio front desk.

(classes are subject to capacity availability, Monthly tuition members receive 1st space in classes)

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